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iCityLife- jobs and events has many years of experience in the event services line of work, and creates event productions to clients throughout the local area.

The company is situated in Eshborn, Germany with events planned internationally.

A successful project is closely tied with the competence of the project managment. We understand the importance not only of the field expertise, but the ability to recognize the best solution outside the box. Perfect mixture of creativity and professionalism.

  • Human resource management
  • Project managment
  • Event planers
  • Strategic corporate research

The firm offers a variety of services to businesses, which are designed to suit any budget and create bespoke needs. 

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March, 2014
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Tendence international consumer-goods fair
Tendence is the meeting place in the second half of the year for renowned brands and all important decision makers from the consumer-goods sector.
April, 2014
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Cocoon Club at Hafentunnel
Party at this two-day jam session where local DJs and bands come together in the tunnel under Frankfurt’s railway station on Hafenstrasse. Look for several before and after parties. This event is held during the last week in July. Tickets are available at the U60311 Club of the U-BAR. Call (49) 69-944-3660 for more information.
April, 2014
Image 07
Lotto-Hessen Cup and Mercedes Champions’ Day
Check out these major horse racing events for horses three-years of age and older. Hosted by Schwarzwaldstrasse. Located at the Niederrad track at 125, on the last Sunday in July. Call (49) 69-67-80-900 for more information.